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Chrysler 300 Limousine

Limo Seattle WA is thrilled to announce that it has added the latest 2016 Chrysler 300 Limousine to its fleet. This luxury vehicle is the definition of perfection and transcendence. The robust exterior of this vehicle and the lavishly crafted interior will stands out when you arrive at your destination. The Chrysler 300 Limousine is strongly built, with countless safety features, and it’s absolutely comfortable because it feels like it’s floating on the road.

Limo Seattle WA believes in making sure your image is amplified, and the mesmerizing curvatures and dominating rims of the Chrysler adds to your already attractive personality.

Equipped with the most cutting edge technology, the 2016 edition of Chrysler 300 Limousine can be considered one of world’s most safest vehicles. It has the latest version of All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) which provides maximum dynamic and traction control at any speed. The limousine also has the latest double-check system which makes sure the vehicle remains safely inside the lane.

Here are a few of the various features:
➢ 10+ comfortable passenger seats
➢ Premium quality handstitched leather interior
➢ 8-way power seats
➢ Dual-Zone climate control system
➢ Lighted Bar
➢ Privacy Divider
➢ Ceiling Lights
➢ Fiber Optic Lights
➢ Floor Lights
➢ Interior air filtration
➢ Rear ventilation ducts
➢ One-touch power windows
➢ Display showing external temperature & compass readings
➢ Door pockets and cup holders
➢ Touch Screen Rear Controls
➢ 6 premium speakers & 1 subwoofer
➢ Auxiliary, Memory Card & USB input to the sound system

Best Occasions to Book the Chrysler 300 Limousine
There is no executive level event that the Chrysler Limousine is not suited for. If impressing the executive board is the intention, then hire our Chrysler 300 Limousine and arrive at the corporate dinner in style. Anyone getting out of this limousine looks like a success story and someone who has very good taste.

Limo Seattle WA isn’t a limo company that would want you to think that we have labelled our vehicles for certain purposes. We believe it is your prerogative to select whichever vehicle you want for whatever purpose. If you want your client, boss or business investors to be picked or dropped at the airport, you can trust us. We will deal with them with the same care that you would want.

Your Experience with Us
We will always put your needs above everything else. We value your trust and believe in exceeding your expectations. Our purpose is to make sure you stay with us indefinitely, and we can’t expect a customer to become regular if we just deliver the essentials

There is no limitation to our ability in helping you, but even still, here are a few features that you should expect in our services:
★ Punctuality – We take being on time extremely seriously. With us, you’ll never face any delays in being picked, dropped or taken to somewhere.
★ Experienced Drivers – We have a vigourous process of hiring the Seattle City’s best drivers. We train them further in customer service and carve their skillset so they become professional chauffeurs.
★ Complete Privacy – Your private matters are not our business. Our job is to provide you with absolute privacy. With Limo Seattle WA we promise that you’ll have our absolute discretion.
★ Cleanliness – Our vehicles are absolutely spotless. We makes sure the interior and the exterior of the vehicle is cleaned extensively.
★ Safety – Our maintenance crew makes sure every vehicle operates at maximum efficiency. Limo Seattle WA is proud to announce that our vehicles have never broken down in the middle of an assignment.

Call us at (206) 457-2018 right this moment and book the latest Chrysler 300 Limousine.

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