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Sport Utility Vehicle

Limo Seattle WA is well known for its versatile collection of SUVs that are matchless throughout the world for their power. These SUVs represents a certain class of luxury and comfort. So if you have always dreamed of sitting into this sports vehicle, stop imagining because you can now rent them. Limo Seattle WA is proud to declare that we have the latest edition SUVs that you won’t be find anywhere else in the market.

The newest model always turns heads when it’s being driven down the road and it will definitely grab the attention of everyone when you take it to a party or a corporate event. This majestic beast scores 10/10 in being comfortable, luxurious and powerful.

Here are a couple of features of the SUVs in our fleet which you will find interesting:
➢ 7-8 passenger capacity
➢ 4-way power, lumbar support & height adjustable seats
➢ Premium quality leather
➢ Tri-zone climate control
➢ Rear ventilation with fan control
➢ Power windows with one-touch
➢ Display which shows directions & external temperature
➢ Spacious overhead door & dash compartments
➢ Premium quality speakers & subwoofer
➢ Auxiliary, USB & card reader support
➢ Air bags for all passengers
➢ Jet black tinted glass
➢ 4-wheel ABS brakes

Best Occasions to Book Our SUVs
Usually, if a SUV is designed for comfort and luxury then there is a compromise of luggage space, and vice versa. But we’ve picked SUVs which are an all-star powerhouse and they provide tremendous space for passenger luggage.
If you are businessman who is going to be in town for just one day and think that you won’t even have the time to get a taxi to go to your hotel, then let us worry about your problem. We will pick you up from the airport and take care of any luggage you have with you. In fact, if you want another guest picked up, we can do that as well because customer satisfaction is our only concern. Just tell us about the locations where you would like to go and we will take care of the rest.

Towing capacity of our luxurious, ship-like SUVs are very impressive. Its remarkable capacity will help you go out for a special picnic with the family members or a fishing trip with your office buddies. Want to take along a boat with you? Go ahead and do so because your comfort and the performance won’t get effected even if you are dragging something as heavy as a boat behind.

Your Experience with Us
Limo Seattle WA firmly believes in delivering supreme services in competitive prices. We take your trust and faith seriously because out of all limo companies, we are the ones you trusted. Our objective is to fulfil your expectations and exceed them so you choose our company over and over again.

Limo Seattle WA was started by professionals who have been working in the Limo and luxury transport industry for decades. That is the reason the company’s name is well trusted among the local residents of Seattle.

Here are a few of the countless services that our company provides:
★ Skilled Drivers – We hire the best and most experienced drivers after a thorough hiring process, and then we train them in the art of customer care. And after the training is complete, they are sent out as chauffeurs.
★ Punctuality – We are always there to pick you up and drop you off at a fixed time. Being punctual is our company’s motto. Because if you can’t trust us to be on time, how can you trust us to deliver on the rest of the promises.
★ Privacy – We want you to lose yourself in the serenity of friendship and company without worrying about privacy. You have our complete discretion.
★ Cleanliness – Our vehicles are completely spotless as they are cleaned thoroughly after each assignment and on a daily basis
★ Safety – Our maintenance crew efficiently check the entire system and functionality of the vehicle every single day. That is why we confidently boast that our vehicles never break down in the middle of a booking.

Call us at (206) 457-2018 and book your SUV today. We assure you that you’ll like our services so much that you’ll refer us to your friends.

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